List of Achievements by IEEE NITK

  • Exemplary Student Branch Award 2007, 2013, 2015

  • IEEE R10 Exemplary Student Branch Award 2006, 2013, 2015, 2019

  • Silver Medal, The Darrel Chong Student Activity Award 2014

  • IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Award (Bronze) - Envision 2019

  • The Darrel Chong Student Activity Award (Bronze) - For the Open Collaborative Learning Project 2015

  • IEEE R10 Darrel Chong Student Activity Award (Silver), for Interactive Environment Educational Platform 2013

  • IEEE Mangalore Subsection Outstanding Student Branch 2019

  • IEEE Bangalore - Best Large Student Branch Award 2017

  • IEEE Student Ethics Competition conducted by the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee (EMCC) during SYWLC'19 at BITM - 2nd Place 2019

  • R10 IEEE GINI Student Branch Award 2010

  • R10 Outstanding Branch Counselor & Advisor : Dr. Sumam David (2013)

  • EPICS project was adjudged 11th in the international IEEE Presidents change the world competition. 2011

  • Organizers of Student Leadership Congress 2010

List of Achievements by IEEE NITK Members

  • IEEE Outstanding Large Student Branch Counselor - Prof. MS Bhat 2019

  • IEEE R10 Outstanding Branch Counselor - Dr. Sumam David S 2013

  • IEEE Bangalore Section Humanitarian Activities Grant - Chandravaran K, Aditya C, Gayatri Y, Saikumar D

  • IEEE Xtreme 2nd in India, and 17th Global 2019

  • IEEE Bangalore Outstanding Student Volunteer Award - Samarth Bonthala, Rosa George 2019 & 2020

  • 2015 IEEE Student Enterprise Award - 'Mapping of Greenhouse Gases using Wireless Sensor Networks'

  • R10 IEEE Regional Student Enterprise Award : Quadcopter Project 2012

List of Achievements by CAS IEEE NITK

  • Quadcopter project awarded prestigious IEEE student enterprise award.

  • Remotely Controlled Efficient Lighting won the 1st Position in Lighting Design track in the Electronics For You (EFY) Design Contest.

  • Smart Lighting – won TI ADC.

  • Research paper titled ‘Timbre modelling of pitched musical instruments from an analysis synthesis perspective’ by IEEE student members won the Best Paper Award at the IEEE BRV Vardhan Conference 2013

  • ‘Music transcription in Carnatic Music through classification of Gamaka’ was presented at Midwest Music Information Retrieval Gathering June 14, 2014 - Evanston, IL

List of Achievements by Compsoc IEEE NITK

  • ‘A Mobile Application for Women’s Safety: WoSApp’ was accepted for presentation at the IEEE TENCON 2015, Macau.

  • Interactive Environment Education Platform (IEEP) - The Darrel Chong Student Activity Award – Silver. IEEP was ranked among top 10 projects in IBM-IEEE Smarter Planet Contest. Deployed in 47 countries.

  • ‘Project Jagriti: Crowd sourced Child Abuse Reporting’ was accepted for presentation at the Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2014, Silicon Valley, USA.