Whether you have played “Pokémon Go” or not, you’ve probably at least heard of the game. A special app on your smartphone or tablet makes it look like Pokémon is right there in front of you  while you search for and “capture” the different characters.  This game aquainted the world with this fast growing technology Augmented Reality. This new technology, blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.

How does Augmented Reality work?

In most augmented reality applications, a user will see both synthetic and natural light. This is done by overlaying projected images on top of a pair of see-through goggles or glasses, which allow the images and interactive virtual objects to layer on top of the user’s view of the real world. For augmented reality to work you need camera,accelerometer,rotation sensor and some math skills and GPS. Idea behind all of this is to use data from real word, data gathered by the sensors, and process it in the way computer can use.


Make your own AR app !

Have you ever dreamed of making your own AR app? But you don’t know how to start? So, let’s see how you can !


Vuforia is one of the most popular platforms to help you work with augmented reality development. The software implements the following functionalities: recognition of the different types of visual objects, text and environments recognition, VuMark (a combination of picture and QR-code). All plugins and functionalities of the platform are free to use but include the Vuforia watermarks.


EasyAR is a free and easy to use alternative to Vuforia. It includes 3D Object Recognition ,Environment perception ,Cloud Recognition , Smart Glass Solution and App Cloud Packaging. The library is completely free. To start your work with EasyAR, you only need to register the account and to generate the plugin’s key of your Bundle ID. EasyAR is quite easy to integrate

Real World Examples of Social Media Apps Using Augmented Reality


The most popular and ephemeral messaging app is the first name in this high-tech world of Augmented Reality. Founders of this globally used social media app, namely Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, aimed for more natural flow of interaction.


Facebook believes that consumer-ready Augmented Reality glasses are bit far from everyday use, but instant and ready-to-use AR devices exist right in our pockets.


Future of Augmented Reality

AR may completely revamp how we navigate the world, both indoors and outdoors. Imagine seeing directions before you throughout Walmart to find the laundry detergent you were looking for. It can also help eCommerce shoppers try products at home before they purchase.

In the future, all stores will feature 3D models that can be seen in your very room with a click of a button. See how the lamp you want to buy would look in your living room through AR, or the queen size bed that you don’t think will fit in your bedroom.