Ever fantasied becoming the Cyborg from DC comics universe? Well, brace yourself, because that dream is soon to come into reality.

Introducing Biohacking, a fairly new practice that could bring major changes in human life as we know it. Biohacking can be defined as a “social movement involving studying basic biology and exploiting it to make electronic implants made using easily available equipment”. In short, you make a cyborg out of yourself. As “punk” as it sounds, this practice caught the attention of media because of the possibilities it opens.

RFID chip

Ron Shigeta runs Berkeley Biolabs, a biohacking site in Berkeley, California, where dozens of would-be biologists gather frequently to hack around. He says biohacking is “a freedom to explore biology, kind of like you would explore good fiction.” As for the hacking part,

“Hacking is kind of like the freedom to sort of dig deep into something, just because you’re interested in it. The whole idea of biohacking is that people feel entitled, they feel the ability to just follow their curiosity — where it should go — and really get to the bottom of something they want to understand.”

Amal Graafstra, a leading biohacker, sells a kit so that anyone can be a biohacker.

Check his website out!

It maybe Bluetooth implants allowing you to control the electrical devices around you, or headbands which allow you to boost your cognitive senses by sending electric impulses directly to your brain. Just imagine the possibilities. People with no vision can experience the beauty of the world, people with no hearing can experience sounds of nature, people with no olfactory senses can smell and taste. All this, in their own garage!

MUSE headband

Dave Asprey, a nutritionist and the CEO of Bulletproof, tries to incorporate biohacking to improve people’s senses. Check his blog out!

Not only can you repair the human body, you can even modify it giving yourself special abilities. This “social movement” is bound to create Iron Mans and Cyborgs in the coming future :D.