The way smartphones have changed our lives is amazing. Technology has been ever bringing multiple facets of our daily lives within the scope of smartphones, which in turn gets smaller and slimmer. No more does our parents bother us to go and pay telephone or electricity bills (if you were a 90’s kid :P) neither does shopkeepers curse you for not having suitable denominations. It has all come down to few swipes and touches. As new innovations brought the world closer and time shorter, it has not come without any drawbacks, same with the case of smartphones. Again, it’s the way we use it that puts the blot on this device, than the device itself doing the wrong. Most of us are already aware of the dangers a non-protected cyber world pose. But most of us neglect the health issues which can lead to heavy complications in the long run.

Mind your posture

image1 The picture above clearly shows our tendency to lean our necks forward while using mobile phones. something now known as text neck syndrome. Whether you know about increased stresses at support in a cantilever beam (which is similar to our neck when bent forward) or not, this can lead to chronic neck and back pain in the long run.

Well….what was I just reading?

Ever felt you were getting distracted repeatedly while reading something? Are you skipping many articles without reading them completely? Your attention span might be severely affected by nothing other than prolonged exposure to smart media. The contents in modern media have been designed to penetrate your mind with much less effort from your brain. So, it’s just normal that brain finds it difficult to comprehend stuff through relatively strenuous activities like reading (yes, you heard it right)

Blue light, Blurred vision

What comes out from smartphones and laptop screens are generally called blue violet light and will lead to deterioration of cells in the back of the eye. Moreover, we tend not to blink our eyes while staring at such screens and usually bring the phones more closer to our eyes. So, if you wish to see the screen for a further time in your life, take good care of eyes.

Relationships – Virtual or Real ?

What is date or a dinner if the people involved does no talking, but stares at their screens. Only a very few care to talk with co-passengers on a trip. Relationships converges to mere texts, or occasional calls.

Anxiety, Sleep and many more..

Exposure to blue light before going to sleep have adverse effects on biological cycle, leading to disturbed sleep. Anxiety, obesity and depression are few other issues due to over usage of smartphones as they eat up time otherwise meant for social and physical activities.

Our body and mind have fathomless capabilities yet to be metered. We haven’t let them out completely, and moreover, too much dependency on technology calls for lesser use of our body and mind. Do make sure you take ample breaks from your time on phones, to talk with others, to think, to dream or at least to take that occasional deep breaths, and trust us, you’ll feel much more better being alive. :)