Power Electronics Hackathon

30th October - 4th November 2022

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Power electronics are so prevalent in our daily life that they cannot be ignored. Right from the Power source to basic things like a phone charger, everything uses Power electronics. Wanna get hands-on experience in this exciting field of Power electronics ? IEEE NITK presents to you a Hardware Power Electronics Hackathon, where you will get to use your creativity and design new circuits. The theme for the hackathon and the preceding events will be Power Electronics Everyday.



Round 1 is an online design competition that involves writing an elaborate Design document on the problem statement which involves detailed description on selection of the topology, components, etc. The criteria for clearing the next round will clearly be based on the performance of the team in this design round's problem statement.


Round 2 involves competition between 5 teams selected from the previous round to compete on actual hardware implementation. Teams will be given a problem statement on which they are supposed to work on with a limited set of resources. The team which clears the round which satisfies most of the criteria from the problem statement ends up being the winner of the hackathon Electrika 2022.


We would like to open the First Edition of Electrika to the Mangalore Sub Section region. A team can have a maximum of four members from 2nd and 3rd year only. The registration is free for everyone.


Exciting Prizes await you!

3000 INR



First runner up


30th Oct 2022 12:00 PM Question Reveal
2nd Nov 2022 11:59 AM Round 1 submission
4th Nov 2022 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Hardware Round


All students from institutes in the Mangalore Sub Section can apply for this event.

No, Registration is free for everyone participating.

It is not necessary to be from EC or EEE background. Students with interest and knowledge in the basics of Power Electronics can apply for the event irrespective of their background.

A team should consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members.

No, It isn't necessary to have an IEEE member in a team comprising Non-NITK Members.

One can prepare for the competition by going through various application notes on popular design topologies online. Understanding those application notes helps one to prepare design documentation which is the objective for all teams to successfully accomplish

Both round 1 and round 2 have separate sets of criteria which will be clearly mentioned in the problem statement. And in all cases, the organizers' decision will be the final decision.

Participating in the hackathon will surely give one an idea of design in Power electronics. Apart from that, all participants for the design round and hardware round will get discount coupons from our sponsor Bourbon (upto 30%).

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