The DAAD WISE scholarship provides an opportunity for students to apply to colleges in Germany.

What you need:

  1. CGPA of 8.5/10 above as per the website
  2. An acceptance from a professor in Germany (Mail as many professors as possible, some may not reply and some reply really late, so start immediately)

Application requirements:

  1. Online application form - (available once the portal opens, it’s a long form, fill it in carefully)
  2. Your resume or CV
  3. DAAD form “Certificate of Enrolment”) filled in by home institution as proof of current enrolment (available on the website, download , print and get it filled )
  4. DAAD form “No Objection Certificate” (needs to be on the letter head of the institute, the college academic section has the format, you can take this form from the website as well for format)
  5. Invitation letter of German supervisor
  6. DAAD form “Approval Form by German Host” filled in by German supervisor( link on website)
  7. Recent reference from Indian university teacher which provides information about the applicant’s qualifications (please find the form in the DAAD application portal - the portal opens 6 weeks before application deadline, you need to submit all documents there)
  8. University degree certificates indicating final grade(s) (apply for transcript at the academic section, this will take time so do it well before deadline)


  1. Travel allowance of 525 euros
  2. Monthly scholarship of 650 euros (this is calculated on a daily basis. If your internship period starts in the first half of the month, you will be given 650 euros for that month and if it begins in the second half of the month, it’ll be calculated on a daily basis. Eg. Start date is May 16, scholarship for month of May will be 16* 21.70 euros. This is subject to changes)

Be ready with all the documents you can get before the portal opens, it’ll help you finish your application on time. You will need to post a hardcopy of the application summary as well to the DAAD address before deadline.

Last year deadline

1st November

Mitacs provides scholarship for students to pursue research internships in Canada. They have a list of colleges they support on their website.

The application portals are now open their website, create an account to apply.

What you’ll need?

  1. Cgpa: 8/10 or above.
  2. Confirmation that your passport issued by your home country is valid until at least January 2019. You’ll need to provide a copy of your passport if your application is approved
  3. A reference letter from a professor. Instructions are provided in the website, the references must follow the instructions provided.
  4. Your CV
  5. Your academic transcripts
  6. English proficiency need not be submitted.

You’ll also be asked about:

  1. Your academic discipline, program, and other educational information
  2. Your research interests, skills, and achievements
  3. Your reasons for pursuing research in Canada

All this needs to be included in your SOP, make sure you give this alot of importance and also your references. These two carry alloy of weightage on the selection process. Be clear on what you want to work on and why you are a fit candidate, make it precise and to the point.


Mitacs issues a list of projects every year from different universities. In the portal you’ll have to select around 5-7 projects ( don’t remember the actual figures, it’ll all be there on the portal ) and give your order of preference.

Getting selected for the scholarship will mean that you have been assigned one of the projects in your list of preferences and the professor has approved of the same.

This Year Deadline

September 18th (keep visiting the website, usually they extend the deadline, but don’t take any chances)

Viterbi India program

The Viterbi India program is a research internship at University of Southern California.

Application is through a portal, you need to create an account. All details on their website.

Have a look at the application form here

Again, be clear as to why you want to be part of the program, your area of interest, you can also mention any professors you’ll like to work under at USC ( you’ll have to some research for this) or if you have already contacted them and they are willing to give you an opportunity, you can mention that.

What you need? (To be uploaded on the portal)

  1. Cgpa: 8.5/10 above
  2. You’ll need 2 references (have a look at the application form above for instructions)
  3. NOC from college on letter head (user the format provided and ask for an NOC at the academic section)
  4. Transcript

Application guidelines can be found here

Please read this carefully.

Last year deadline:

15th November

Other scholarship programs :

SN Bose Charpak (France)