Where did you get your internship and why did you apply there?

What interested you or attracted you to this particular internship and why?

Internship at TU Munich (DAAD WISE) I wanted to do a research internship in formal verification and testing of control systems and TUM has a dedicated RCS (real time computer systems) division that interested me.

How did you get your internship?

Was it through the college or off-campus or through a senior/prof or through an internship website?

I mailed some professors across Germany working in my field of interest, and I got an acceptance from a professor at TUM. For funding, I applied to the DAAD WISE program and was selected for the same. DAAD WISE offers funding for doing internships in Germany, but you need to have an acceptance in order to apply to the program.


DAAD WISE only offers help with funds and does not offer you an internship.

What was your internship about?

I worked on developing interfaces between some simulation and verification tools to test and simulate networks and task assignment models used in the automotive industry. I did 2 projects during my internship period:

  1. Automatic task assignment in Mentor Graphics tool.
  2. Simulation and Analysis of FlexRay networks using Simulink and TrueTime library.

How was the work culture?

The work culture at TUM is very relaxed, I didn’t have to adhere to any fixed timings. The labs are open everyday, including weekends and you can use the lab facilities freely to complete your projects. Other students and research interns are helpful and the professors and your project mentors also take time to help you in case you are stuck.

What did you learn during the internship?

Was it challenging for you to do it? What new skills did you develop?

I learnt alot from the internship, new concepts, using new tools. I also got to learn new concepts by interacting with my fellow interns and lab mates.

The outcome of our Research was that I presented my work on Mentor Graphics at the Mentor Graphics office and they are keen on incorporating the auto task assignment feature into their software.

Tell us about the fun/ interesting incidents during the course of your internship.

One of the perks of doing an internship at Germany is the chance to roam around Europe :) I had a great time exploring new places and made some new friends. Amsterdam, Berlin, Switzerland, Paris, Brussels, Prague are some places worth a visit. There are many student groups and student trip organizers that offer great deals and you can also plan trips on your own with your fellow interns.

What advice would you give to juniors regarding your internship?

Would you recommend a junior undergoing a similar internship at the same place you went?

TUM is a very nice institute for research, they work on many fields and I would recommend you to have a look at their website and the type of research with they do. If you are interested then don’t hesitate to approach professors. Make sure you mail many professors and start right away cause they take time to reply and there is no guarantee that they will. Also Munich is a very vibrant city and very safe too. Stay is comfortable but a little on the expensive side since it’s one of the major cities of Germany, but no issues. The DAAD scholarship is enough to fund your stay and travel across Europe if you plan wisely. (You can always contact me for tips :P )

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