Vinay Bhat

Hi, my name is Vinay Bhat and I’m a final year undergraduate student in the IT department. This summer I had interned at Siemens Research Labs, Bangalore. I had applied there because it involved the field of Artificial Intelligence, which I’m greatly interested in.

As I am a part of IEEE club in campus, a senior from my club forwarded this opportunity to us. I applied and sent my resume, after which there were about two telephonic interviews and I was selected for the internship.

Work Culture

Work culture here at Siemens was really good. We had no rigid office timings, we could come in at any time we wanted and leave at any time, provided the work was being done. The project involved was very interesting, so I was naturally motivated to work hard at it. Not stressful in any manner at all.

I learned about the whole field of Artificial Intelligence, the various subfields in it, and then learnt a lot about traditional rule based, symbolic AI, along the lines of logic programming. Used a bunch of functional programming languages and concepts for prototyping. Mostly did Natural Language Processing. Also learnt a lot about microservices architecture as our final product had a http server component serving an API. Learnt a bunch about corporate life, and the bureaucracy involved. Tell us about the fun/ interesting incidents during the course of your internship.

Fun at Siemens

During the last week, me and a colleague had to get signatures for our exit clearance forms, there we were admonished by a senior executive for not taking the signatures earlier (even though we’d gotten the forms that very day!). But he was just pulling our leg. We had a nice laugh over it.

I recommend would highly recommend Siemens to any junior. Internships are really fun :) You don’t have the obligations of a full time employee, but receive all the benefits.

In case you want to contact me in the near future, please e-mail at my email ID.