• P Ramyashri
  • Sujay Chuttar


  • Meghna Uppuluri


  • This project aims to investigate the nuances of the existing Quantum circuits/ algorithms.
  • Examine the topology of Quantum circuits
  • Tweaking the parameters involved in the circuit and analyzing their effects on error, number of gates used, decoherence time etc to build a deeper intuition on how quantum circuits work.


Reusability of code is a desirable characteristic of software systems. In this project we have addressed the problem of reusable code in open- source quantum computing software. We have created a python program that contains implementations of commonly used quantum computing algorithms. These algorithms are Grover’s search algorithm, Deutsch - Jozsa algorithm, and Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm. Any quantum computing program can include this file to reuse the modules


Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm

Grover’s search algorithm Grover's search algorithm

Deutsch - Jozsa algorithm Deutsch - Jozsa algorithm


Designed modules to implement the following classes of algorithms: Bernstein-Vazarani (berVaz), Deutsch–Jozsa (deuJoz), Grover Search (groveSearch) and Shor’s Factoring Algorithm (shor).


  1. A university quantum algorithms/computation course supplement based on Qiskit
  2. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Textbook by Isaac Chuang and Michael Nielsen
  3. Implementations:- Submerged floating tunnels for crossing of wide and deep fjords