• JAYA


  • Implementing the Scalar ALU with complete support for all of the flags as specified by the RDNA2 ISA.
  • Implementing the Vector ALU with complete support for all of the flags as specified by the RDNA2 ISA.
  • Combining the 2 ALUs to implement the Compute Unit
  • Setting up test benches to verify our implementation


This project aims to design a ‘compute unit’ based on the RDNA2 ISA for AMD GPUs. RDNA2 is the latest architecture of AMD GPUs (RX6000 series). Currently, there are no open-source hardware implementations based on the RDNA2 ISA. However, there exist some open-source projects based on AMD’s older ISA (2016 Southern Lake). Having a simple hardware model for reference can enable parallel programmers to work on RDNA2 based GPUs more efficiently.

RDNA 2 (also RDNA2) is the successor to the RDNA microarchitecture. It was first publicly announced in early 2020 with a projected release in Q4 2020. According to statements from AMD, RDNA 2 would be a “refresh” of the RDNA architecture.

RDNA (Radeon DNA) is the codename for a GPU microarchitecture and accompanying instruction set architecture developed by AMD. It is the successor to their Graphics Core Next (GCN) microarchitecture/instruction set. The first product lineup featuring RDNA was the Radeon RX 5000 series of video cards, launched on July 7, 2019. The architecture is also planned to be used in mobile products. It is manufactured and fabricated with TSMC’s 7 nm FinFET graphics chips used in the Navi series of AMD Radeon graphics cards.


Synthesis Report - S_ALU

App Screenshot

Schematic - Register File

App Screenshot

Device Utilization Report - Register File

App Screenshot


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