• Rohan Bahri
  • Tushar Kumar


  • Aditya Pal
  • Asmita Ailawadi
  • Mukund Prabhu
  • Priyansh Joshi


This project aims to solve the problem of time management by creating a list of blocked websites(which may be a source of distraction for a user). Giving a relationship between the wasted and utilised time to the user so that he/she can get an idea of their internet usage.


People(specially students) tend to waste a lot of their time over the internet. So in order to make their time productive and effective enough. A productivity extension can be inserted in chrome that will keep a track of the utilized and the unutilized time and number of times the user got distracted.

Technologies used

Web development is the focus area to carry out this project. HTML files are used for the appearance of extension. CSS files are used for styling of the HTML files. JavaScript files are used for the functionality of the program.


This extension will give an insight to user about the time wasted,number of times the user got distracted and motivate the user to spend their time efficiently.


Whenever the user will try to enter any of the websites from the blocked list,a prompt will appear on the screen asking whether the user really wants to continue or not. If yes, a unutilized time stopwatch clock will start running and continue until the user leaves the website. If not,then the utilized time stopwatch will continue running.At the end of the session,it’ll provide the user necessary information like tasks to be completed,graph between unutilized and utilized time over the entire period.


While students study for college courses or work on something that requires utmost importance, they have trouble staying focused. There are times where they go social media websites during the worktime. Because of this experience, We decided to create a Google Chrome extension that would assist students to stay on track.


  • Usage of this extension over the course of time promptly and with honesty ,it would help the user to stay on track and spend his/her time efficiently.