Project Mentors

  • Raj Gupta

Project Members

  • Pramod Parande
  • Harshavardhan S


A Rail-Road Bridge is a dual bridge that will accommodate railway and roadway transportation at the same time. This bridge will have both rail and road lines built according to its design and analysis.


A RoadRail Bridge is a multipurpose bridge that enhances connectivity by serving two purposes at the same time. This steel bridge can serve the purpose with high durability and strength.


DESIGN A STEEL BRIDGE (maximizing simplicity to ease construction at difficult terrains) with high load-bearing capacity.

Software Used

  • STAAD.Pro (For analysis of our design)
  • Blender (For designing and visual representation of the project)

Materials Used

  • M40 Grade Concrete for Piers and Columns
  • S355 Steel Bars for Trusses


Beam stresses on bridges

img 1 From the Analysis, the Maximum Shear Force was found to be at the centre of the bridge hence considering that section to be critical for the design purpose.

Displacement Curve

img 2 With the help of the displacement curve, the deflection in the Bridge was observed. Comparing these results to Indian Standards the distance between the piers was found.

Beam Stress Contour

img 3 With the help of Stress contours, the axial loading in the bridge deck was observed which helped in deciding the steel grade, type of reinforcement to be used in the construction of bridge decks.

Bending Moment Diagram

img 4 From the Analysis the maximum Bending Moment was found at the centre of the bridge, hence considering that section to be critical for the design purpose of the bridge.

Truss Design

img 5 This design was used since from the analysis, it was observed to be more economical and also considering the construction conditions to be hard. This design provides additional safety against Resonance effects due to wind.

Moving Loads provided according to IRC Standards

img 6 With help of Influence Line Diagrams, the Bending moments at different length sections were analyzed and plotted, and this data was examined to find the most critical sections and provide joints and hinges accordingly.IRC Standards are as shown below. img 7


  • After completing the analysis, it was found that simple truss support, supporting a highway on the top and railway track inside was found to be suitable for the purpose.
  • This structure seemed to be more economical and practical than cable-stayed bridges, considering the length of the bridge and the loads it had to sustain.


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